My interest in reviving the classics which began in was sparked by two factors: As it turned out, the magazine provided me with a reason to continue developing these fonts, as well as a means to promote them. A geometric pattern and decoration font. I control my typeface designs, Rudy controls the magazine, and Emigre is the symbiosis. The complexities of designing huge character sets are extremely time-consuming, with diminishing returns as few of the additional characters may be used by the average user. It seemed to click, and still does.

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Zuzana Licko Solex file name: We also renamed the fonts under one family name, which made more sense within the context of our font library. We had a lot of inquiries about the availability of these typefaces that no one had seen before.

It makes the reader slow down a bit and contemplate the message. What do you think is the most important thing you have learnt?

Zuzana Licko Matrix poster by Antonella Toscani file name: It was Emigre magazine that opened up these options. Zuzanna Licko Mrs Eaves file name: Retrieved April 14, Zuzana Licko Licko was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, inand moved to the United States at the age of seven. Eventually, exposure of the typefaces in Emigre magazine resulted in demand for the fonts which lead to the creation of zuzana licko font Emigre Type foundry. Along with ligatures, Licko stylized Baskerville through the use of small caps or “petite caps”.


Gray wrote Emigre The Book: After college we both did all sorts of design-related odd jobs. University of California, Berkeley. This is a very simple example, but I think you get the idea. It was interesting to see how much font and page-layout technologies have changed, and how font-making software has improved.

Uses of typefaces by Zuzana Licko

As a team, Emigre has been honored with numerous awards including the Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design, and the Charles Nypels Award for excellence in the field of typography. Then, in the Macintosh zuzzana introduced, we bought one, and everything started to fall into place.

I see it everywhere: How do you look back on those reactions? Emperor, Emigre and Oakland appeared in the magazine and were soon advertised for sale when VanderLans and Licko co-founded the Emigre foundry.

Licko and VanderLans became early zuzana licko font to the zuzana licko font technology and they zuzama the computer to experiment and created some of the very first typeface designs and digital page layouts causing great consternation within the realm of graphic design.


Zuzana Licko – Fonts In Use

Licko was initially exposed to Macintosh computers with the first zuzana licko font in The only hand drawing I do is on laser printouts, to mark areas that need adjustment, or to sketch alternate forms. There is a “Regular” version of the Filosofia family which is designed to be used in print.

Zuzana Licko Mrs Eaves Sans file name: Issue 3 was the turning point for my typeface experiments and for the magazine, as it was typeset entirely using my first low-res fonts. Rudy and I are both very detail-oriented and hands-on.

Zuzana Licko. Oakland. | MoMA

It seemed to click, and still does. Both are Licko’s personal interpretations of their historical models and each features extensive ligatures. For a while this turned me zuzaana a typesetter. At any given time, I have several designs sitting on the back burner.

Stephen Coles, September 29, What have been the most shocking or delightful uses of your typefaces?