Bangaloreans will remember this wonderful collaboration of the art historian and dance exponent for a very long time. One of the very special interactions I had with her was during the inauguration of the annual doll exhibition at Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan in Chennai. How do you maintain so much energy on stage and off it? When I find a cause that we wish to support, we create a concert and raise funds for that. The deeper level, is the spiritual one. With the painting of Shaligram- the iconic symbol of Vishnu which receives reverential worship in many a household, he went on to display the charan feet of Vishnu with the propitious marks of conch, lotus etc.

vishnu sahasranamam by malavika

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The endeavour is to own the dance, every moment of it. Stage presence was very much part of the presentation. With the painting of Shaligram- the iconic symbol of Vishnu which receives reverential worship in many a household, he went on to display the charan feet of Vishnu with the propitious marks of sahasranammam, lotus etc.

An enthralling evening – The Hindu

Meticulously planned concerts, which included sayasranamam much of spontaniety as well, were her hallmark. Your recent performance brought to the forefront women composers in the world of carnatic music. But, being completely dependent on technology takes the whiff away from the experience.


But you did that as well! The reason I started my own trust was because I could choose the causes I wished to support. He received a much deserving standing ovation. A strong role model, she shaped my life as an artist and young woman. That will mean a lot of sacrifice on your part.

vishnu sahasranamam by malavika

While I participated in almost all extracurricular activities, it was music that came first. Hers was creative music, on the spot. It took two months of endless bureaucratic tangles and patient persuasion to organise a performance at the prison.

An enthralling evening

God is called parandhama, the supreme abode. Growing up, were you witness to a musical environment at home? I was told I would be receiving the first stamp just two days before the show. Critics point out that audience engagement sets apart this evocative singer who has trained under the legendary M L Vasanthakumari, mastering a school of music that presents a striking combination of melody, rhythm and intellect, often bringing to the forefront unfamiliar ragas or musical modes, and adding innovations.

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In the first concert in Novemberwe presented songs by three women composers. For her, courteousness towards the audience was a must. Goswamy directly stimulated sense and sensibility of one and all in a profound and impacting way.

There are many people out there who are sahasrana,am to support a genuine organisation. On semantics, what is wrong with nivasa?

Club Mahindra may also access profile and other information from social mxlavika platforms. Understanding the pulse of the rasika or connoisseur of music is a trait only a few learn, and even fewer master. Entrants must send entries as required in the contest announcement in order to be eligible.


vishnu sahasranamam by malavika

As long as it does not affect the structure of teaching and dilute the art form, the use of modern technology is fine. His elegant style of presenting cut the edge — he succeeded, as he is known to, in making it not just a visual treat but as a deep soul indulgence. Seeing Praveen Kumar in real action – he has a TS touch – disciple or vazhi?

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At her Alwarpet residence in Chennai, she attends to everyday chores, bids adieu to her husband Ragunathan, and glides into interview mode with ease. Whose disciple is she?

vishnu sahasranamam by malavika

My children Kaushik and Malavika have not chosen to pursue music as a career. I drink lots of warm water and avoid cold food. While interacting with them, I realised they do not want to be there.

You have to let her grow.