The chilled product of a snowed-in weekend in the Swiss Alps, the debut EP from this ambient duo is a winter wonderland in and of itself. Newsletter Your monthly dose of awesomeness! Already have an account? Spiritual Excitation [ BPM] The promo-material for the album says that he started studying guitar, and in “Spiritual Excitation” we get the first result of that. Partway between synthwave and synth-pop, these smooth jams were designed for mooning over your crush at the mall food court. Tristan’s innate sense of the dancefloor and full power psychedelic moments place him in a league of only the very highest calibre of producer. I dont know, I have very mixed feelings about this album.

tristan chemisphere

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Life Changing Experiences Pogo: Posted April 24, The Remixes Volume Two Chromatone: Why order at Azarius? Having collaborated with pretty much every other ‘big’ name in trance at some point and releasing 2 classic albums for the famed Twisted Records, Tristan has moved into a new arena, and is now fully onboard with the Nano Records family, who chemsiphere currently blazing a trail through psy-dom with their passionate approach to good times and good music!

UK trance legend, Tristan, long since a huge inspiration and friend to Nano Records, moves over to Nano for his third album release and first on Nano Records. I don’t want to brag about it anymore, I am simply giving up trance in general.


Posted April 13, In short this is happy outdoor trance – more fluid than the AMD version, but still with a lot of dancefloor punch. Blow Your Mind Killerwatts: Posted April 8, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

tristan chemisphere

Landing On The Moon Skyfall: Surprisingly enough “Chemisphere” is released on Nano Records, and not on his long time home Twisted Records the label who, in the minds of many a psytrancer, can’t do anything wrong – and in my opinion it was a mistake by Twisted to let Tristan go to another label.

I wonder if it’s possible to ban people from this forum for having bad taste. Already have an account?

Chemisphere by Tristan on Spotify

Sign in Already have an account? Personally, i was a bit skeptic about this one seeing this one released on Nano records instead of his usual home, Twisted Records, but my doubts dissipated as soon as the first sounds landed on my ears. World, Dragonfly, Tristan and Twisted, where he released his first 2 albums, “Audiodrome” and “Substance” – so naturally the expectations for this release are enormous. But what a great DJ he is! I must say that I am very pleased with this purchase.

True it was to some extent influenced by full-on, but let’s face it – if it won’t at least sound a bit similar to full-on, it won’t sell and get gigs.


Focus [ BPM] “Focus” is, like the opener, rich on well-chosen delusional voice-samples, with especially the catchy “You ain’t got a body no more son, it’s all up here now!

It Depends on You Fragmented Reality Commercial Hippies: Register a new account. Illusions and Collusions Laughing Buddha: The intro in “Terrordactyl” is my favourite on the album, starting with a heavily filtered female vocal, chopped up and sliced to pieces, and with a hint of something that sounds like the theme from an old 30’s movie in the background.

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tristan chemisphere

Also, I don’t understand why some of you complain about production quality?! You can’t expect Infected-like crystal clear production, because it wouldn’t even fit the style!

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From dreamy morning trance we again move towards the slightly darker, trjstan psychedelic trance. Posted April 9, Tristan – Chemisphere By pr0faneApril 4, in Posted April 6, Let me tell you why. No More X Loud: