Nine ewes tested seronegative to anti-T. Synchronization of ovulation and fixed time intrauterine insemination in ewes. Ovulation occurred at 8. Hormonal treatment for suppression of ovarian function should not prescribe to improve fertility grade A. Further investigation is needed to better define and control the interval between implant insertion and ovulation for optimal timing of insemination. We believe that these tests pick up a range of problems, the most important of which is antisperm immunological infertility, which can be treated with a fair degree of success by intrauterine AIH. Endometrial thickness was higher at the time of human menopausal gonadotropin administration in letrozole group.

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Clinical pregnancy and abortion rates, mid luteal progesterone 7daysafter IUI and patient satisfaction were compared between two groups. The objective was to evaluate the effect of endometrial biopsy EB on intrauterine insemination IUI outcome in controlled ovarian stimulation COS cycle.

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Participants Couples seeking fertility treatment after at least 12 months of unprotected intercourse, with the female partner aged between 18 and 38 years, an unfavourable prognosis for natural conception, and a diagnosis of unexplained or mild male subfertility.

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Embryo recoveries were attempted passing a catheter with inflatable cuff connected to a sterile flexible 2-way flushing catheter, through the cervix.

Use of artificial insemination AI for breeding pigs has been instrumental for facilitating global improvements in fertility, genetics, labor, and herd health. Can it compete in opposition to the greatest industry chief Apple iPad? Just select one particular that your brain by now has the most facts about.


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The glitzy slot machines have always been the centre attraction of a on line trlscatch, be it on-line or offline. Artificial insemination was performed at In addition, dairy farmer who have minimum 5 years experiences in rearing IFH cow were interviewed as respondent in estrus detection, followed with 2 skilled inseminators for AI performing time data.

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In addition, trsicatch milk prices and greater genetic progress increased the advantage of TAI. Laparoscopic insertion of artificial periprostatic urinary sphincter. As we accept a The first pregnancy resulted in twins; both calves were born d after AI, with one surviving.


To determine the implantation success of local endometrial injury in patients undergoing intrauterine insemination following ovulation induction with gonadotropins as an infertility treatment. This prospective, randomized, double blind study was performed in a local infertility center from May to May Both approaches allow greater selection pressure for economically important swine traits in the sires and help extend the genetic advantages through AI on to more production farms.

Hormonal protocols have been developed to resolve some of the reproductive challenges of the Bos indicus cattle and allow artificial inseminationwhich is the main strategy to hasten genetic improvement in commercial beef ranches. In group B, cycles of FSP in patients48 clinical pregnancies occurred Given the results herein, one may conclude that the HBPs can increase fertility and could be an option for cattle in tropical conditions; however, one needs to consider the environment, nutrition, and the genetic interaction affecting the final result in whatever reproductive program that is implemented.


In the first phase of the study, straws with frozen semen were thawed and immediately subjected to the same analysis as the fresh semen and, in addition, to Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis CASA.

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Waiting period of fertility treatment is stressful, therefore it is necessary to use effective coping strategies to cope with waiting period of intrauterine insemination IUI treatment.

Egg-yolk extender without glycerol was used for the cooled semen treatment.

Use of artificial insemination AI for breeding pigs has been instrumental for facilitating global improvements in fertility, genetics, labor, and herd health. Unconsummated marriage are mainly due to vaginismus or erectile dysfunction. The number and size of preovulatory follicles were assessed by vaginal ultrasound 12 h before HCG D0.

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When no adequate studies of the impact of a parameter on pregnancy results were found, its association with sperm parameters was reviewed. Controlled ovarian stimulation can be.

Fertility was measured in terms of the likelihood of farrowing and subsequent litter size. In the ovarian factor group, the best PRs were observed in women aged between 30 and 34 years Pig numbers million and consumption have increased consistent with the increasing world population FAO Unilateral intrauterine horn insemination of fresh semen in cats.

Each animal was randomised to receive either CO 2 or medical air for abdominal insufflation. The economic impact of selection for semen traits on pig production systems and potential interaction with artificial insemination AI technique and semen dose remains partially understood.