The two branches each pay to the British Government Rs. Indian School Supply Depot. He has four daughters also. The land is mostly khushkaba. The present ruler was made a G. The country formerly belonged to a tribe called Tek-pa. The present Raja Mahendra Singh was born on the 5th February , and succeeded to the Gaddi on the 26th February , on the death of his brother, Raja Narharendra Singh.

kheda ki laya gajra

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Central Tndla include the conduct of direct relations with the Indore and Rewii States. The estate pays no tribute to any State.

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In the 14th century the Umats under Sarangsen made their way into Malwa and subsequently he acquired land between the Sind and Parbati rivers and obtained the title of Rawat. College of Commerce, Co-operative Stores.

Indian War loan,and Es. His succession was formally recognised by a Kharita from His Excellency the Viceroy, dated the 29th June A sa-nad was granted in He further receives a sum of Rs.

kheda ki laya gajra

Important reforms were made during the Superintendency. The position of the State enabled it to preserve its independence and levy gxjra from the surrounding country.

Inthe delimitation of the old boundary between Jalpaiguri and Bhutan was brought to a satisfactory conclusion and relations of Government with Bhutan up to the present time have remained friendly.


The claim of the Indore Darbar to depute an Agent and present a khillat was rejected by the Government of India, and the representative of the Indore Darbar was allowed to attend the installation ceremony as a spectator only.

Name of the State.

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The Kalat State is divided into tribal areas paying no revenue to the State and Niabats which are -regularly adminislered through a Wazir-i-Azam.

Nazar Muhammad agreed to furnish a contingent and he received five districts in Malwa as a reward for his services. In this way three shares have already been absorbed, while one has been confiscated for misconduct, so that five remain. A sanad, conferring hereditary extended ju licial powers on the Ruler, was granted in the yearand a sanad removing the restrictions on the judicial powers of the State was granted in The present line traces its descent from Gourichand, a chief of Baraundha, wlio died in A.

Each Niabat is under the charge of a Naib of its own who holds his appoint ment from the Chief. The ruling family claims descent from Abdul Munaf of the Kwreshi tribe of Arabia.

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Khatikhedi Village

Not known 7th February In the Baja of Rajgarh was Nawal Singh who succeeded to the yaddi after the assassination of his brother. The founder of the Ruling family was Mirza Jafar Nizam-i-sani. Average annual ex- penditure to Rs.


Rao Radha Krishna, Rao of — Kayaetha. The Maharaja has visited Europe several times since The present Chief is Yavarkhanji Gambhirkhanji. It was in i sl8, after the treaty of Mandsaur, that a Political Officer was first attached to the Court of tlie Maharaja llolkar of Indore. The Jagirdar has 5 sons. After her death in Novemberhe married the eldest daughter of His Highness tho Maharaja of Panna, on the 28th May Before his death he adopted Knar Drigpal Shah, his cousin, a minor and the latter was accordingly installed on the gaddi.

For services in connection with the War Her Highness wafr made a G.

kheda ki laya gajra

Both the Kumars are studying in tlie Daly College, Indore. He went with the Team to America via England and stayed abroad for about six months.