The present Chief is Kesharkhanji Kalubawa. The Eaja has been granted a sanad of adoption. Average annual ex- penditure to the To nearest Oovern- thousand. Indian School Supply Depot. He is of unsound mind and the State is now under the management of the Political Agent in Bhopal.

kheda ki laya gajra

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The title of Sardar Bahadur was conferred on the Sardar on the 1st Januaryand that of Nawab on the 5th June Three other sons were born to him by the fourth Maharani.

His Highness devotes particular attention to the development of railways in his terriiory ; the State already owns more than. He has four daughters also. The Raja was married to a daughter of H.

kheda ki laya gajra

Name of the State. The remainder of the States are held by sanad. Util Septem- ber Baja Lachman Singh, with whom the original settlement Was made inwas succeeded by his son, Batan Singh, who, having no son, was succeeded by Nahar Singh, his uncle.

The Chiefs of the State belong to the Purmar class of Rajputs. In recognition of his services in the War he was granted a personal salute of 11 guns.

After studying for some years at Christ Church, Oxford, he returned to Indore in and was invested with full ruling powers on the 9th May When the British entered the province. Shrl Sir Vijaysinhji Chhatra- slnhjl, K.


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Iwhen Tugral, the then Governor of Bengal, conferred on them the appellation of Manikya a jewelwhich was formally recognised by, the Government of India in The population, which according to the Census gjra was 33, consists chiefly of Kokanis, Bhils and Warlis.

Rao Radha Krishna, Rao of — Kayaetha. In the 18th century it was reduced by the Nawab of Murshida- bad, and remained thereafter under Muhammadan control.

Owing lo its heavy indebtedness the State was taken under manage- nient on behalf of Nawab Munawar Ali Khan in This petty State struggled with varied fortune against the Peshwa, Scindia and the Pindaris, and was eventually taken under British protection. The State is situated in the Pandu Mewas. The present Chief is Ramsinhji Indrasinhji.

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The two branches each pay to the British Government Rs. The family belongs to the Bundela clan of Rajputs. X For the period up to In Jam Mir Khan was pardoned and restored to his former position. He ruled from to Raja Gulalfiinh Kamansinb Raja of Amala.


The State was originally part of Kurwai, and was given as a portion to a younger son of the Chief in He rendered good sendees during the Mutiny, in recog- nition of which his adopted son and successor, Bhairqn Singh, received a khillat of Rs. Pie has four sons. On the Maratha conquest of Malwa in the 18th century the Umats were compelled to submit in common with other States and the Rawat became tributary to the Maharaja Scindia.

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Inthe Government of India granted a sanad guaranteeing the succession to the State according to Muhammadan law, in the event of failure of natural heirs. In water, works were completed, supplying some 36, inhabitants of the town of Imphal with filtered pipe-water from the hills.

kheda ki laya gajra

He passed the post diploma examination from the Mayo College, Ajmer. The ruling family is descended from Jagat Raj a son of Chhatrasal in the female line.