You are the bird Hamsa[2]. She is the only essence of all the pervasive universe. You are worshiped by Vishnu and You are always with Shiva. Her dark tresses exceed the dark hue of a swarm of bees. She is eternal and beloved of Kameshvara-Nityakameshvari.

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I am protected by Her. She is the mystic Yogini, worshiped by the sage Durvasa. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Kamalamba Navavarna Kritis – Wikipedia

Navavafnam is of the nature of eternal and hidden Ashtavarga, the eight groups of alphabets. Shri Kamalambika has cast Kamalamba navavarnam gracious glance on me, and now I am identified with the nature of Absolute Brahman, the fullness of existence, consciousness and bliss.

Tantra Shaktism Spiritual practice Carnatic compositions. She is the sister of Vishnu, who is the enemy of the kamalsmba Madhu. She is worshipful, seated on an eight-petalled lotus.

She makes kamalamba navavarnam sun, the moon and the fire manifest themselves.

She has the form of the Mantra which begins with the letters Ka, Ha, Sa, etc. She rejoices in Her own self of supreme bliss, the kamalamba navavarnam which transcends the three states of existence: She is the attributeless supreme spirit and is the form of the world. The beauty of Her neck surpasses that of the conch. Indra and kamalamba navavarnam celestials attend on Her.


Mother of the universe and also known as Bhagamalini, may She bestow Her glance on me, and confer all accomplishments on me. From Her ten fingernails, She kamalamb the ten incarnations of Vishnu. She delights Shaktis such as Kamakarshani. You, the Candika-fierce one wearing beautiful red silk and sporting a parrot in the hand, protect me.

Her essential nature is kamalamba navavarnam fire. Oh mind, there is nothing other than the glorious Kamalamba, the one who is the essence of all categories from the earth up to Shiva. I am the devotee of Kamalambika, who is the spouse of Shankara.

Kamalamba Navavarna Kritis

Her dark tresses exceed the dark hue of a swarm of bees. Views Read Edit View history. You are Kameshvari, and are the unborn one, daughter of Mount Himalaya, worshiped with the sound Hrim. Oh benevolent one, You are fascinated by the devotees of Shiva and Guruguha. She holds a bow and arrows, and is an embodiment of the nectar of compassion. She is like the she-parrot in the center of the cage known as Tara. She possesses a kamalamba navavarnam face.


The Ahiri krithi can be decomposed so, to detail about the use of declensions of the noun. She whose feet are beautiful and red kamalamba navavarnam color, who is radiant, mother of Guruguha and resides in the heart of Sadashiva. Navavarna refers to the 9 layers of the Sri Chakra yantra, one of the primary modes of Devi worship. She who is the beloved companion of Lord Sundara-Shiva, who revels in joy deriving from wisdom and kamalamba navavarnam very beautiful.

She is the consort navavwrnam Shankara, who is the Lord of innumerable universes. Jayaraman school are considered to be specialists in the rendering of kamalakba compositions.

She who bestows abundant blessing, who is the cause of the glory of Kamalalaya Lake, consort of Shiva, ocean of compassion.