By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It is written by JoJo who expresses remaining optimistic in spite of the obstacles she faces. At least it’s new music To remind me not to let anything, or anyone take precendent over the perfect mate I had in music. You realize that it hurts even more, even though you guys don’t have a title; it hurts even more being with that person knowing that they don’t feel the way that you do. And it’s about how your heart hasn’t really mended from the way that things ended.

jojo agape mixtape

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Jojo – Agape (Mixtape – December ) | The Popjustice Forum

Not about industry politics, agendas, empty-promises, ego, swag, pretension, or a budget of any kind. Glad to be getting more music for her, depressed about her terrible situation!

JoJo’s reasons for not releasing the whole song on jojp mixtape is because she gets very self-conscious of her work, and wasn’t sure whether she was going to release it or not. Breakfast2Dec jjoo, Love it hunny, she slayed! JoJo states “It’s about driving around Foxborough in my mom’s Toyota Echo with the dents on the side of it and just getting in touch with my roots: Its really about friends coming together and bonding over a mutual love for music then seeing what grows out of it.


Today I start forward and start fresh. She recorded the song with a group of her friends known as The Backpackkids who all got together to create what they call “genre-less music”.

Download: JoJo – ‘Agape’ (Mixtape)

Most Juicy Juicy Comments. Why she’s doing this ‘urban’ nonsense is beyond me. She met with her agency in January to sort out a specific route for the tour.

I can appreciate it.

New Music: JoJo – “Agápe” (Mixtape)

I want to know everything about it! And that it SO not what this is all about! Dan December 20, JoJo singer albums Albums produced by Boi-1da mixtape albums. Jer December 20, I’ll never forget her.

Your name or email address: Hope it’s a sign of a new album out on Specifically intended for this mixtape.

DrewDec 1, BeyhiveBitch December 20, There are interludes, outerludes, random shit, my dad playing harmonica, and a conversation between my whole family at Thanksgiving. At least it’s new music When describing the song Mixgape states “It’s about cheating and basically blaming it on the guy.


Download: JoJo – ‘Agape’ (Mixtape) – That Grape Juice

Filming for the video began on March 29, in downtown Los Angeles. You may also be interested in Download Beats December 22, I obsess over it.

jojo agape mixtape

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The music video for “Andre” was directed by Patrick “Embryo” Tapu, [43] while the treatment for the video was jono by Blackwell Cooper [44] and produced by Samuel Sanchez.

In support of the mixtape JoJo embarked on a nationwide tour hitting the East Coast and other cities in the United States as well as Canada. I snuck away from the hotel room my mom and I were staying at and got a tattoo. The song was written by JoJo and production was handled by Mr.

jojo agape mixtape

Personal message from JoJo — via Tumblr: