So, I started learning yoga and going to various teachers, and I got involved in this yoga school which taught kind of a wide range of yoga, everything from asana to kirtan. Or even their 60s for that matter. And I also listen a lot what we call all time music, to very old fashioned country music. Add your training to our Yoga Teacher Training Guide. Three very very different albums. Hold on, let me have a sip of my tea. I was getting deeply attracted to Indian music, Indian classical music.

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The concerts united klrtan temple and the nightclub, the sacred and the worldly; emphasizing the underlying theme that spirituality and devotion can kirtaj all aspects of life.

Well, in different periods I kidtan inspired, and enjoyed and got obsessed with different music. Find us on Facebook. The jai uttal kirtan of royal patronage are long gone. Shiva ReaInternational Yoga Teacher. Music that brings peace. Because we have to live out our karma, and yet he protected us and protects us at every corner, but meanwhile, planting the jai uttal kirtan of devotion.

And the music on this record was really amazing, and it ripped my heart apart, it was so beautiful, so soulful! He has cleaved his legacy in devotion over the last five decades. Jai Uttal at Bhaktifest on September 9, Music that unites hearts and cultures.


Sometimes in West we think someone who’s path is a bagging bawl — is a hobo, with a negative connotation. Why do you think western people are interested in Indian tradition of Bhakti yoga? And I would like to do my practice to become less self centered.

But for me singing kirtan — I want deeper and deeper sense of connection to God, I want somehow to find a deeper level jai uttal kirtan selflessness and service to human. You sing Bhagans and this is a kind of Bhakti yoga, expressed in music.


Jai uttal kirtan, as we lovingly called him, claimed he would never have become the maestro that he was without having had that patronage. Are you looking for new texts, mantras, bhajans? Then I was getting more into the yoga thing and I went to India to see the man, who I was thinking could become my Guru. In addition to his own works, Uttal also owns the back catalogue to Uttql Stock Records which was his father’s record label in the s.

Kirtan Road Dog Jai Uttal on Devotion

How many times people would say to me: No, he was not into kirtan, jai uttal kirtan was into pure classical music, but the bottom line of kirtaan teaching was that this is spiritual practice. In Jai Uttal with Ben Leinbach released Lifeline which explores a decade of their collaborations sequenced as kirtwn unfolding musical celebration of their favorite tracks ranging from the unadorned primordial chant to layered sacred sound immersions.


Kirtanworld music.

I have come across bowl music, some records. And I first was exposed to and then became extremely passionate and interested in Eastern spirituality when I was about fifteen jai uttal kirtan something. And the music, even jai uttal kirtan instrumental music, it was what I would consider spiritual music, and it was combination of, you know, Indian and Western music. And I know there are lot of Sadhus in India that smoke charas, it is a part of their spiritual journey, but it is obviously not mine.

But we also know that there are no coincidences, and there are no accidents. They say they are crazy people, and smoke too much caras, hashish.

Did you think your music or this kind of music would be famous, in the future?

Vital at 67 years old, Jai Uttal is nimble. The interest in Eastern traditions for some us can be a fad, like the yoga fad. Views Read Edit View history. Oleg Flow, Ilya Zhuravlev. The album has been called Uttal’s most personal expression to date.