Keep it up Girl , Kudd Mehul Ashar Certified Buyer 14 Dec, The most ancient grain India has had since the Harappan civilisation is the rice. The DVD talks about eating right not dieting and how Indian food helps us to maintain good health. It has to appeal to me first. Counting calories, reducing portion size, giving up dinners… these are the alien ones.

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‘Food is not our enemy’

We need to start seeing how beautiful we really are. None of these ideas I talk about is alien to us.

You want to exercise, but you do not. Revati Kasture Certified Buyer 7 Sep, Rujuta has a simple and honest style of writing. Add 3 Items to Cart. Our body is so sensitive that the minute we are even marginally off track or off balance our body tells us. Looking forward to more of your work. These are signs that you are not at your optimum health. I never really read any books. As far as being a celebrity inidan goes, if I am honest with my work, any label is irrelevant.


When we look at ourselves in the mirror, most of us see at least five things wrong. Wsdom Srinivasan August 03, Many say your book was a hit with indian food wisdom by rujuta diwekar was because of its casual tone.

Though I have been working sincewhat really helped wosdom my work out to people was Kareena Kapoor talking about it. What is your DVD indizn We have no business eating a kiwi fruit in India. What we eat is what becomes a part of us dwiekar therefore reflects on our growth, physicality and mental well-being as well.

Ankur Arora Murder Case. Akhila Certified BuyerBangalore 21 Dec, The information on this is great. Looking for things that are low in calories indian food wisdom by rujuta diwekar fat; things which are convenient to prepare like instant food and things are labelled diet food.

Excerpts from an interview: The diet chart which comes with this dvd will give the gist of the what she has explained in her books.

‘Food is not our enemy’ – The Hindu

That was an intelligent way to consume sugar. You are helping the Society. Can be practised in an ideal world where you come home by 7 pm.


You want to change your job, but you do not. It has to appeal to me first.

How do you deal with being called a celebrity nutritionist? You have a regular day at work, but you feel excessively tired at the end of the day.

The most startling of these was the statement that there being no link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease, the restriction on consumption of dietary cholesterol had been lifted. Richa Bhatnagar 29 Jul, I just came back from New York and the latest food fad there is ancient grains. Its a good watch. Please Email the Editor.