Both of Thy aspects, the external universe and the inner soul are full of Thy supreme bliss and beauty. If you call Him with love, dwelling on Him with devotion, He will reveal Himself within you. Birds, animals and trees also fall into these two categories. The Guru elevates his disciples, shows them their true nature and enables them to realise their Shivahood by merging them into Shiva. By his grace alone our inner Shakti is unfolded. Everyone asks for something from such an emperor of saints, who, possessing nothing, gives one all that he wants.

chitshakti vilas

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This nectar, trickling from the palate, is the tastiest of all tastes. She is the wisdom of the enlightened, the fruit of action of the active, the love or divine intoxication of the devotee and the dynamic Kundalini of the yogis. She is nobly worthy of our worship. It ensures a regular, constant functioning of the heart and by its dynamism, keeps an individual alive. Chitshakti Vilas is indeed a sport of Chitshakti which continually revels in Sri Gurudev. He is present as fully in you as in Kailas and Vaikuntha.

Just as a ray is not different from the sun, a wave from water, a dust particle from the earth, in the same manner, O Chiti Goddess who assumest myriad forms, Muktananda is not distinct from Thee. I am Blessed4. In this manner, you will eventually attain the final goal—merger in Chiti. We are able to enjoy our small pleasures in mundane objects and pursuits only because the bliss of that supremely blissful Being is reflected in this world.


May I ever meditate on thee in my heart. The number of so-called gurus has multiplied in the world, with everybody readily claiming the title. Seek your own Self. By composing this work Sri Gurudev has done an immense favour to present as well as future seekers. The major siddhis exist as a matter of course in Siddhas.

In whatever position 12 Chitshakti Vilas your destiny has placed you, be you a millionnaire or a labourer, a king or a beggar, God belongs to you all. If anyone happens to be touched by a student who is deep in a meditative state, he feels an electric shock and he either begins to perform yogic movements or goes into deep meditation.

chitshakti vilas

Therefore, practise meditation daily in some measure. The Guru elevates his disciples, shows them their true nature and enables them villas realise their Shivahood by merging them into Shiva.

Full text of “Chitshakti Vilas, The Play Of Consciousness Swami Muktananda”

Even if I eat on the way the food must be hot, so they use thermos flasks. Atheism has become quite common. As meditation becomes intense, respiration is suspended for longer periods. If one meditates in the same place every day, one gilas be able to meditate better as time passes. Numberless sheaves of sensory nerves!


chitshakti vilas

This is the path of the Siddhas. My Gurudev would at times use abusive language and even hit! In this manner you will find one of your cherished objects, namely, beauty.

The world, which according to philosophers is joyless, false and illusory and which a seeker shuns during his dhitshakti because he does not understand its true nature, is now seen as his own Self. This book is not a Tantric treatise, nor a philosophical work, nor a sectarian text.

This is the stage of equanimity, the state of spontaneity, which is the final reward of sadhana.

But they could not carry out their resolve. Samana functions with equal force throughout the body, distributing nourishment to the entire organism.


And in his ignorant condition he finds fault with the ways of God! Working like a menial servant, vilxs turns the body into pure gold, consuming all the inner filth in the flames of yoga. Japan, even though it is a small country without much fertile soil, has managed to become self-sufficient in the fields of agriculture and domestic products.

chitshakti vilas

Your sons, daughters, parents-in-law and neighbours will all appear divine to you.